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Faculty Development - Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

Welcome to the OU Health Sciences Center 
Office of Faculty Development

Faculty Development is part of the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development. Our goal is to provide resources and information for faculty career development, mentoring, and leadership. You will find tools for teaching, career advancement, leadership development, networking, and life-long learning. Faculty Development offers workshops & seminarscommunities of practice, and certificates & fellowships that contribute to the OUHSC teaching, research, and service mission. 

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Professional Development Workshops

The Office of Faculty Development offers a series of short session interactive workshops each focused on specific areas of professional development to include Academic Advancement, CV Review, and the Individual Faculty Career Development Plan. Workshops are offered multiple times per semester and require pre-registration.

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New Faculty Onboarding (NFO)

Within our Workshops & Seminars, the Office of Faculty Development offers multi-session faculty onboarding. Start sorting your goals, activities and priorities for success as a new faculty member. Meet OUHSC senior leaders and new faculty colleagues. Find out what you need to know about academic career pathways, promotion and tenure expectations, and laying the groundwork for both immediate and longer-term success as a teacher, scholar and leader. 

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Education Grand Rounds (EGR)

As part of our Workshops & Seminars, the Office of Faculty Development offers this series of live-interactive development sessions for all HSC faculty, staff, fellows, and students interested in tools, innovations, and strategies for teaching and learning. Additionally, the EGR archive provides recorded video and text description of all programs presented to date, including links to PowerPoints or other resources provided by each presenter.

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Educators for Excellence (E4E)

In this community of practice, participants gather for fellowship, dialogue, and discovery about what it takes to promote and sustain faculty and staff who are dedicated to achieving excellence in teaching and learning. Recipients of institutional teaching awards are welcome and invited to join at any time. Any faculty or staff members who are committed to the teaching mission may ask for information on membership.

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Inclusive - Leadership, Education, and Advocacy for Diversity (I-LEAD)

This is a cultural heritage community of practice that highlights campus, faculty, and community initiatives, research, programs, and events related to a monthly recognized affinity group. Tips are provided entiled ‘How Can I Lead?’ which provide details about how to be an advocate and/or get involved.

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Women in Science, Dentistry, Medicine & Health (WiSDMH*)

This is an OUHSC community of practice open to anyone interested in working to recognize the contributions and expertise of women in the health professions and sciences academic community. WiSDMH* acknowledges the unique differences women face in the workforce, and works to assess, develop and make available tools to foster equal opportunity and fellowship for women in academic careers.

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The Scholarship & Teaching Excellence Program (STEP)

If your faculty role includes teaching as an area of excellence, teaching is significant within your academic progression and advancement, or if you mentor faculty for whom teaching is an essential role, STEP offers certificates in Didactic, Online, and Clinical Teaching.

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​Interprofessional Education (ID/IPE) - For Faculty

Become an interprofessionally-prepared, collaborative health care professional who delivers patient-centered care. Our mission is to organize, recognize, and advocate for faculty to pursue interprofessional collaboration in all aspects of healthcare. Our core purpose is transforming how we work together to improve people's health.

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Faculty Leadership Program (FLP)

This is a longitudinal series of highly interactive, small group seminars led by faculty and administrators designed to give colleagues an insider's view of the academic health center. The FLP affords faculty fellows a structured approach to acquire and apply new skills and to refine existing ones.

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Looking for ways to improve your teaching, advance within your career, expand your network, or add to your leadership skills? In addition to the workshops & seminars, communities of practice, seminars, and certificates & fellowships, Faculty Development has curated internal and external resources to support life-long learning and growth.

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Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence (OCME)

The goal for the Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence (OCME) is to provide comprehensive faculty mentor development workshops and to enhance mentoring opportunities for faculty focused on clinical and translational research, faculty from associated IDeA programs, and interested faculty from any of the health sciences center colleges.

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Faculty and Staff Directory

Use this searchable resource to find contact information, location, biographical sketches, and other information for the Faculty Development faculty and staff members.

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OUHSC Faculty Development

Within the career life cycle, teaching research, patient care & population health, and service come together to create leadership through teamwork. Our faculty development programs, seminars, workshops, and communities of practice support your development in each of these areas and where they overlap. We work to do so in a way that is accessible and useful across the stages of your career. Learn with us today, develop your leadership skills, and explore the opportunities for teamwork and collaboration.