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About Us

The overarching goal for the Office of Faculty Development is to provide support and structure for the OUHSC mission. This support and structure is provided in the area of faculty development by:

  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating faculty development programs to advance faculty knowledge and skill-building across the academic career life cycle; 

  • Engaging with faculty, students, staff and institutional leaders to identify faculty development needs, performance benchmarks, and metrics for teaching, research/scholarship and service; 

  • Attending to OUHSC faculty career trajectory and career life cycle indicators by rank and tenure; facilitating and leveraging the strengths of faculty diversity and cultural competence.

OUHSC Faculty Development

Within the academic career life cycle, teaching, research, patient care and population health, and service can come together to create unique individual, team, and leadership opportunities. OUHSC faculty development workshops & seminars, communities of practice, and certificate & fellowship programs support faculty knowledge, skill building, peer-to-peer teaching, learning and growth to address these areas effectively. Join us to develop your individual, team, and leadership skills, and explore opportunities for academic career satisfaction, progression, recognition, and success.

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