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Scholarship & Teaching Excellence Program (STEP)

STEP provides foundational faculty development in the area of teaching. Faculty can complete advanced program(s) to be certified in areas applicable to their teaching responsibilities including Didactic, Online, Interprofessional, or Clinical. In addition, faculty may choose the development opportunity in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning/Educational Research.

How to complete STEP

Step 1: Complete a Foundations for Teaching Course

  • Courses are offered for Didactic and Online/Hybrid teaching
    • Courses in Clinical and Interdisciplinary Teaching are under development and will be offered soon
  • Each course is made up of a series of 15 on-demand teaching skill modules on Brightspace by D2L and 8 monthly synchronous discussions 
    • Program participants will be placed into a Foundations of Teaching Certificate cohort that will start 30 days after the course application has opened
      • Participants will be divided in to teams of 3-4 and will meet with their team to peer review each other's revised teaching materials and provide feedback using a rubric
      • Participants will complete 1-2 specified modules each month
        • Modules include videos, pre/post tests, and revision of teaching materials

Step 2: Complete the peer review process

After completing one of the Foundations for Teaching Courses, participants will meet with a peer reviewer who will:

  •  review their teaching materials, 
  • observe a 1-hour lecture, 
  • provide feedback, 
  • and provide a lecture debrief with goal setting


Step 3: Revise your teaching materials

After both peer reviews are completed (see STEP 1 and 2), participants will then make revisions based on peer review feedback.