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Workshops & Seminars

Our expert-led seminars and workshops feature participant interaction, small breakout sessions, and discussion so you can ask questions, receive feedback and gain new insights from others. 

We offer a series of short session interactive career development workshops each focused on specific areas of professional development, a monthly Grand Round session focused on teaching and learning, and a multi-session faculty on-boarding designed to help new faculty start sorting their goals, activities, and priorities for success.

OUHSC's Faculty Development Workshops and Seminars Include:

Preparing for Academic Advancement

This workshop is designed for faculty who are approaching promotion and/or tenure review in the next 18-24 months, Click Here to learn more. 

The Curriculum Vitae

Do you wonder if your curriculum vitae includes all of the information necessary to accurately represent you in the academic evaluation and promotion process? This workshop is designed to help you answer that question clearly. Click Here to learn more.

Individual Faculty Career Development Plan (IFcDP)

This workshop provides new faculty with information about setting strategic goals that are aligned with the teaching, research, service, and patient care & population health mission of OUHSC. Click Here to learn more. 

Education Grand Rounds

This series of interactive development sessions is for all HSC faculty, staff, fellows, and students interested in the teaching and learning process. Click Here to learn more. 

New Faculty Onboarding

This series of interactive sessions provides useful information to start your academic life at the OU Health Sciences Center. Click Here to learn more. 

Preparing for Online Teaching & Learning

This series of in-person and virtual workshops provides introductory information for those teaching in the virtual environment, developing online programs, or creating curriculum with hybrid or online components. Click Here to learn more.