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Certificates & Fellowships

In support of the OUHSC Academic Strategic Plan, the Office of Faculty Development offers a range of Certificate and/or Fellowship Programs focused on developing the Scholarship of Teaching Excellence, Faculty Leadership and Career Development, Mentoring, and Interprofessional & Interdisciplinary Mentoring and Teaching. Review the options below to learn more about each program.

OUHSC's Certificate and Fellowship Programs include:

Scholarship & Teaching Excellence Program (STEP)

If your faculty role includes teaching as an area of excellence, teaching is significant within your academic progression and advancement, or if you mentor faculty for whom teaching is an essential role, STEP offers certificates in Didactic Online Teaching. Certificates in Clinical and Interdisciplinary Teaching are in development. Click Here to learn more. 

Faculty Leadership Program (FLP)

This is a longitudinal series of highly interactive, small group seminars led by faculty and administrators designed to give early career faculty an insider's view of the academic health center. The FLP affords faculty fellows a structured approach to acquire and apply new skills and to refine existing ones. Click Here to learn more. 

Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence (OCME)

The goal of the Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence (OCME) is to provide comprehensive faculty mentor and mentee development workshops and to enhance mentoring opportunities for faculty focused on clinical and translational research, faculty from associated IDeA programs, and interested faculty from any of the health sciences center colleges. Click Here to learn more. 

Interdisciplinary/ Interprofessional Education (ID/IPE) - For Faculty

Become an interprofessionally-prepared, collaborative health care professional who delivers patient-centered care. Our mission is to organize, recognize, and advocate for faculty to pursue interprofessional collaboration in all aspects of healthcare. Our core purpose is transforming how we work together to improve people's health. Click Here to learn more.