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Who We Are

Faculty Development & Interdisciplinary Programs

Valerie N. Williams, Ph.D., M.P.A.

Valerie N. Williams PhD, MPA

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development

Brandt Wiskur, Ph.D.

Brandt Wiskur Ph.D.

Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Carla Hartsfield

Carla Hartsfield

Staff Assistant Office of the Vice Provost

Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia, Ph.D.

Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia Ph.D.

Instructional Designer & Program Development Specialist, Faculty Development

Margaret Robinson, M.Ed.

Margaret Robinson M.Ed.

Associate Director, Office of Interdisciplinary Programs, Office of the Vice Provost

Natasha Mickel, Ph.D.

Natasha Mickel Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Director, Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence