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New Faculty Onboarding (NFO)

New Faculty Onboarding (NFO) workshop series is your invitation to academic career orientation at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. During these sessions we get you started with HSC community connections — people, information and resources you can engage to shape these important next steps along your academic career path. You will get started on your own career development plan for follow-up with your department leader.


The onboarding helps you start sorting your goals, activities and priorities for success as a faculty member. Find out what you need to know about academic career pathways, promotion and tenure expectations, and laying the groundwork for both immediate and longer-term success as a teacher, scholar and leader. Learn about resources to support you in your work.

Program Description:

New Faculty Onboarding provides useful information to start your academic life at the OU Health Sciences Center. In a series of interactive sessions, we’ll talk about:

  • Your career focus – a mission-based plan
  • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Staying connected through faculty development
  • Who’s who:  Resources available to you
  • How to get started
  • And more!

How to Attend:

Sessions are offered every Fall semester. New faculty who joined OUHSC within the previous academic year will be invited via email to register. Faculty joining during ongoing sessions are welcome to register and attend or may choose to wait until the next cycle begins. Register for NFO. 

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