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Teaching Resources

We have consolidated a number of resources on teaching and learning that we feel may be useful to faculty as they get started in their teaching mission. Links on these pages are to non-university sites and do not represent endorsement by the University of Oklahoma or its affiliates.

How People Learn

Brain, Mind, Experience, and School - This book offers research about the mind and the brain that provides answers to a number of compelling questions about how people learn. It examines research findings and their implications for what and how we teach and how we assess learners. This book is available for download on the National Academies Press website. It is a large document (386 pages/4,948 KB).

Learning & Teaching in Medicine

Learning and Teaching in Medicine is a series published in 2003 by the British Medical Journal. This series is available for free. If you are a clinician educator or basic scientist you will find one or more of these topics relevant to the type(s) of learners and/or environments where you typically deliver instruction. You can also access the series through the OUHSC Libraries link to PubMedCentral.

Education Theory and Practice - Fundamentals for New Faculty

The following links from offer a quick overview of some fundamental concepts and practices for teaching, learner engagement, assessment and educational program oversight. While these resources are not intended to replace more systematic study of education principles and practice they offer a starting point for your further review, study and investigation.