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Women in Science Dentistry Medicine & Health (WiSDMH*)

WiSDMH* (pronounced wisdom) is Women in Science, Dentistry, Medicine & Health, an OU Health Sciences affinity group open to anyone interested in working to recognize the diverse contributions and expertise of women in the academic health professions and sciences community. WiSDMH* acknowledges the unique differences women face in the workforce, and works to assess, develop and make available tools to foster equal opportunity, mentorship, collegiality, and fellowship for women in academic careers. 

We Provide:

  • Resources on recruitment, retention, recognition, and celebrating achievements. Links to national professional organizations, career development opportunities and women’s health information.
  • News regarding advances and initiatives affecting women in science, dentistry, medicine, and health professions
  • Pearls of WiSDMH* is a learning community virtual discussion focusing on insights from women faculty and academic career development
  • Speed Mentoring designed to connect women faculty with guidance from leaders on topics relevant to the academic mission and professional growth 

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