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Presenter Information

Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia, PhD
HSC OU Online, Quality Matters, & Scholarship & Teaching Excellence Program (STEP) Coordinator
Office of the Vice Provost for
Academic Affairs & Faculty Development
Assistant Professor
Fran & Earl Zeigler College of Nursing

Preparing for Online Teaching & Learning

The Preparing for Online Teaching & Learning (POTL) workshop series offers a ground-floor introduction to teaching in the virtual environment. Within this series, faculty and members of leadership are introduced to key concepts and best practices needed to plan and develop online and hybrid courses and programs. This series was developed and originally offered in collaboration with the Hudson College of Public Health.


The sessions help manage expectations, build an understanding of differences in student needs when teaching in the virtual environment, and provide a framework for planning courses, programs, and scholarship. Learn what you need to know in order to establish a successful foundation on which to build lessons and curriculum. 

Program Description:

The Preparing for Online Teaching & Learning sessions provide information and discussion to help you get started in course and curriculum design. In this series of Noon hour workshops, topics include: 

  • The truth about Online Teaching & Learning: Dispelling Myths to Drive Progress
  • Avoiding Design Overload: Facilitating Learning in the Virtual Environment
  • Creating Breadcrumbs on the Path to Learning: Chunking, Scaffolding, & Pacing
  • Building a Sense of Community: Belonging, Engagement, & Communication
  • Curate and Create Instructional Resources: Support Continuous Learning
  • Innovative & Continuous Improvement through Alignment & Assessment
  • The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: Unique Opportunities for Scientific Advancement

How to Attend:

Email Dr. Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia to host a POTL series for your committee, program,  department, or college. 

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