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The Curriculum Vitae: Representing Your Academic “Pedigree*,” Presence, Productivity & Potential


Your *academic “pedigree” is your academic family history and lineage, your present work, and hints of your future promise. It is represented in your curriculum vitae by your education, experience and work products. The differences between a resume and a CV are substantial. Although you may use both in your career, the academic CV will play a unique and important role for you as a faculty member.

Do you wonder if your curriculum vitae includes all the information necessary to accurately represent you in the academic evaluation and promotion process? If so, this workshop is designed to help you answer that question clearly.


Bring your CV. No need to update it in advance. During this workshop we break the CV into components and identify specific tips, tools and examples for: 

  1. Clearly document your work in the curriculum vitae
  2. Strengthen listed work experience and accomplishments
  3. Identify quantitative and qualitative benchmarks for teaching, research/scholarship, and service
  4. Identify “gaps” to address in preparation for academic career promotion
  5. Discern expectation differences for CV content as you advance in academic rank

Each area is used by internal and external evaluators when assessing faculty capabilities and readiness for advancement or recognition.

How to Attend:

Registration is required for attendance. You can access registration by selecting the date you wish to attend from the list on the right side of this page. 

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