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Communities of Practice

Initially coined by cognitive anthropologists Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger, Community of Practice refers to a group of people who share common passions, interests, concerns, and/or problems and who come together to find common solutions or creative endeavors. Most often, the group shares in a peer mentoring model in which better practices are identified, new knowledge is developed, and advances are made in the professional domain. 


OU Health Sciences Communities of Practice include:

Community Engaged Research

The OUHSC Community Engaged Research (CER) Community of Practice values community engaged research and works to connect researchers with a shared domain of interest. The Qualitative Methods Community is a faculty led group that is sponsored by CER and focuses on connecting researchers with a special interested in qualitative methods through quarterly seminars. Click here to learn more. 

Educators for Excellence (E for E)

Participants gather for fellowship, dialogue, and discovery about what it takes to promote and sustain faculty and staff who are dedicated to achieving excellence in teaching and learning. Recipients of institutional teaching awards are welcome and invited to join at any time. Any faculty or staff members who are committed to the teaching mission may ask for information on membership. Click Here to learn more. 

WiSDMH - is Women in Science, Dentistry, Medicine & Health

WiSDMH* (pronounced wisdom) is Women in Science, Dentistry, Medicine & Health, an OU Health Sciences affinity group open to everyone interested in working to recognize the contributions and expertise of women in the academic health professions and sciences community. WiSDMH* works to assess, develop, and make available tools to foster opportunity, mentorship, collegiality, and fellowship for women in academic careers.