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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Faculty Leadership Program?

The OUHSC Faculty Leadership Program (FLP) is a series of highly interactive, small group seminars led by faculty and administrators to give colleagues an insider's view of the academic health center. The scope and complexity of faculty roles at a contemporary Academic Health Center requires new skills. Skills to balance those roles, achieve personal responsibilities, and make good career decisions certainly develop over time. However, we believe that our faculty and university can excel when effective strategies for engaging the opportunities and challenges of our environment are shared.

What is the purpose of the Faculty Leadership Program?

The purpose of the OUHSC Faculty Leadership Program Seminar is to advance the knowledge and skill development of early career faculty in essential areas of faculty responsibility. This is accomplished through an integrated series of learning sessions that introduce tools for effective teaching, scholarship and service within the academic health center including tools for team building and leadership to enhance personal effectiveness.

Do I have to be on the faculty for a year before I'm eligible to apply?

Yes. However, you are eligible to start the Faculty Leadership Program any time during your second or a subsequent year at an OUHSC college. The program typically begins in late August. This means most faculty who started during the summer can apply for the FLP during the spring just prior to their second year start date. If you have questions specific to your situation please contact the FLP program office.

Why a whole year wait?

Our short orientation program and other faculty development offerings are available as soon as you sign on at the Health Sciences Center. These workshops are short term commitments and require very little preparation. The Faculty Leadership Program is different. It is an 11-month commitment to you and requires the same commitment from you. The FLP is designed to build on the basic understanding of your various specific roles and responsibilities as a faculty member at the OU Health Sciences Center -- a complex environment. We determined that one-year would give you a reasonably complete picture of your role and at least some exposure to the leadership opportunities and challenges faculty experience here. After a year on board, you come to the leadership program better prepared to articulate the issues and propose strategies to address them in an interprofessional peer learning community.

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

The Faculty Leadership Program is sponsored by the OUHSC Senior Vice President and Provost and the College Deans through the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development. You are welcome to send your questions to the Vice Provost or to schedule time to meet with her. The Faculty Leadership Program is one of the OUHSC commitments to faculty career professional development and mentoring in the biomedical sciences and health professions. We want your career with us to be successful and rewarding. Please do not hesitate to be in touch. E-mail us at