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Purpose and Objectives

Grounded in the academic and business literature, in addition to more than 30-years of local experience, this 11-month program exposes participants to both practical and career focused information, instructional design methods, student assessment techniques, leadership within the service mission, and strategies for developing an individualized educational, clinical/service, and research/scholarly portfolio. A focus for refining core skills in communication, self-management, and understanding the impact of university, health sciences, and health care policy on the academic career is provided through the program’s leadership dimensions. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in their abilities for critical self-assessment in teaching, scholarship, research, and service and in providing/receiving peer-to-peer feedback.


  1. Enhance the capabilities of OUHSC faculty by improving their ability to:
    1. Prepare, present, and assess information to be taught to students and professionals and communicated to laypersons or community-based audiences.
    2. Articulate a research goal and develop a scholarship-in-progress research plan and proposal as a foundation for future funding requests in scientific, clinical, public health, or educational research.
    3. Identify the formal and informal organizational issues in the academic health sciences center that promote or detract from goal alignment and organizational learning.
    4. Demonstrate the ability to manage self, others, money, and time on various projects and programs relevant to measurable outcomes and academic career benchmarks.
    5. Work through collaborative efforts, build a team, be self-directed, and demonstrate leadership skills including those necessary for effective negotiation and problem-solving. 
  2. Contribute to faculty and institutional vitality through individual, team and leadership development experiences that the overall program objectives for the College and the Health Sciences Center are to:
    1. Offer faculty access to a clear and comprehensive understanding of the academic health sciences center organization and ways in which the academy is affected by internal and external priorities in education, research, health and public policy.
    2. Prepare a cadre of individuals who have made, and will continue to make a personal investment in their continuing professional development as academicians.
    3. Develop a cadre of individuals who have learned and worked collaboratively across discipline and college boundaries to accomplish commonly held objectives.
    4. Enhance and facilitate the capacity for faculty to share their academic and research skills with colleagues as peer mentors and coaches.